Best Practices

Types of VodCasts That Work Best

Whatever you want to share with the world make sure it is crystal clear and that your message is full of knowledge. No doubt it will save you time and multiply your efforts. We see use Vodcast HUB to Train employees and to share the unique knowledge we have with the world.  Here are few ways that work best. 

  • Training and Onboarding Employees
  • Product or Service Awareness (Complicated)
  • Onboarding New Customers for Product use
  • Personal Development
  • Non Profit Awareness
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Financial Education
  • Masterclasses
  • Launching a Paid Vodcast Series
  • Much More…

VodCast Hub can be used by several verticals

Solopreneurs, Small Businesses, Coaches, Authors, HR Managers, Sales people, Churches, NonProfits and basically anyone with knowledge they want to share. It also can be used for training internally for your company as well as product training, on-boarding clients and training customers and employees, endless possibilities.

Keeping VodCasts Interactive

Using offers and polls are a good way to get your audience engaged. Offers involve a little more thought than polls.

So let’s look at a few samples of offers that work well. 

Offering a free ebook that has value to your VodCast attendee

Offering a coupon or discount to your product or service

Offering a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) to your attendees

Handing out your Slides on your Powerpoint if they are valuable

Offering a Video Series that adds value after the VodCast

Offering a free sample of your product or service

Offering a free session if you offer coaching services

Do a # hashtag challenge and pick a winner

(Pick a start and end time) and give something of value to the winner that has the best idea, slogan,, etc.

Picking your topic of your Vodcast 

People register and attend VodCasts and Webinars to learn. Needless to say you need to make it a priority to focus on topics they find intriguing. Draw a straight line and on the left side write “May Want” and on the ride side write “Dying  to Have”.  Obviously, you want your topic to be close to the right side of the line. Do your best to think about what your audience is dyiing to learn. 

Your main goal in your VodCast is to demonstrate your knowledge and authority as an informative expert. target audience.

Remember, Do your best to think about what your audience is dying to learn and teach them what you know. Your goal is to build trust, likability and bring them through your portal. You want them to raise their hand and engage with you.

Length of your Vodcast 

There is so much clutter out in the market as to the best length of your Vodcast and Webinar. Keep it simple. Bottom line, 12-20 minutes works well if you can get your point across in that time. As long as it says engaging and stays close to the right side of the line we talked about earlier where attendees are dying to have the knowledge you are offering.

The best way to record your Vodcast 

We will get straight to the point here. We like using Zoom to record. You do not need to have others join you to record. Once you have the video downloaded you are set to go. If you need more help with this reach out to our team below.

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