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Experts: You Want More People to Get to Know You

If you are an author, coach, podcaster, or video presenter, you have a lot of knowledge, but you may not have a lot of time.  You want people to get your knowledge, and people need it.  You need to get the word out about what you know and how you offer value in the marketplace.  It’s a wholly separate activity from the actual delivery of your knowledge.  Marketing..how much time do you spend on it?

There are lots of ways to get known.  You can write blogs, you can write more blogs, you can record videos, and more videos, promoting your workshops.  And more.  You can appear in different media, go to speaking gigs.

You can even have your materials created for you and broadcast using Artificial Intelligence, or AI as most people call it.

 AI will search your market, and then come up with ways to present you online.  It generates content automatically that is targeted to the audience you identify.

There are ways to get content out there using AI and lots of it. However, if you are a podcaster, coach, author, or video presenter, AI is not going to take the real you to the market. YOU are unique.

It will not be able to deliver the real deliverable…your own knowledge.  Only you can do that.  After all, you wrote your book or created your podcast or course based on your own unique brilliance and your knowledge, and THAT is what you want people to notice. Your own voice and your own knowledge is what you are promoting.

You want to serve your market in a way that is the real you.

So how do you take advantage of the possibilities that automation holds for getting your content out to the world? 

The good news is that automation CAN make your life easier.

 How Can Automation Be Your Friend?

You probably have some type of marketing materials already developed that use video.  Workshop content, blurbs, etc. that you have put out there and gotten some response, you create them and they are current.  They showcase what you are doing right now.  And then, guess what?  You get to do it all over again for the next process.

The competition is doing something new, and people are rushing over there.  Now what?

 There is a better way.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every few months.

The internet is a huge place, and it’s easy to get lost in the currents. What “the latest thing” that everybody is doing quickly becomes “the last thing” you want to do. You want to stand above the crowd, not dwell in it. 

Having evergreen content that points people in your direction and that can be accessed at any time is a whole different concept, one that can free your mind and your resources to do what you do best, delivering knowledge.

Instead of rushing after trends, you can do the work of creating your presentation once, and have it ready to be viewed online anytime, so that you stand far above the competition and amplify your voice in the market.  Your voice is carried on the currents, instead of you struggling to find a place in the stream.

Evergreen Content Amplifies Your Influence

The difference between regular marketing for specific events and your evergreen content is simple: evergreen material is always current, and you only create it once. 

It amplifies you above the competition by highlighting your expertise in a specific way.  You present the very best of what you have to offer in shortened form so people get to know what you are all about.

You have a call to action that is always relevant, no matter what else you are doing with your marketing.  It can be automated so that people can see your presentation any time, anywhere, according to the timeline that works for you.  You are then freed up to concentrate on enrolling clients rather than searching for them, and giving the value of your expertise to the world.

Are you ready to have people find you at any time of day or night, see you and what you have to offer, and then schedule a time to meet?

You can be drawing people into your knowledge base and sharing your expertise without constantly looking for the next big thing.  Automated Video Podcasting for your webinar makes it simple.

Find out how you can automate your marketing with the REAL YOU.  

If this sounds like a tool that would make things better for you, please reach out to us and schedule a consultation.

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