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What kind of events can I do with Vodcast Hub?

The possibilities are endless. We have clients using Vodcast Hub for training employees, onboarding employees and independent reps. We have coaches sharing their knowledge as well as companies using Vodcast Hub to acquire customers in their Vodcast funnel. If you have unique knowledge you can share it on our automated Vodcast platform for $99 per month or $799 per year. 

Is Vodcast Hub stream platform responsive?

The Vodcast Hub platform is totally responsive on any device in high quality.  Go to our featured Vodcast page on our website and watch one. You will need to register for one to see the full process.

To Run an Automated Vodcast with VodCast Hub, what kind of video hosting do I need?

You will not need any video hosting. We host all your videos included in the monthly price of $299 per month or $799 per year.

Do my attendees need to install any software on their computer to watch my Vodcast?

Simply put. No software is needed to watch your Vodcast. We make it easy for your attendees.

Are there any technical skills needed to run Vodcast Hub?

Very little technical skills are needed. If you know how to record a video on your Mac or personal computer you are set to go. Of course our support team is here for you. Simply send an email to support@vodcasthub.com

How does Vodcast Hub compare to other platforms?

The first way we differ from other platforms is that we offer coaching personally to help you.  Secondly, we offer unlimited attendees on our platform and never upcharge you. Finally, our platform is completely transparent. We will never take you to a page after you purchase pushing upgrades. You get the whole enchilada.  Our price is the lowest in the market for your automated Vodcast.  

Will you help download videos for my webinars from a different system?

Of course once you buy just send an email to support@vodcasthub.com with the exact link of the video you need. We will do our best to capture it if the link allows.

What is the best way to record my Vodcast?

We like using Zoom to record or any other recording software that allows you to have screen sharing capabilities. Test it for a few minutes first to make sure audio is clear. 

Can we upload pre-shoot video in VodCast Hub?

Yes, just send the video to support@vodcasthub.com or share the file with on Google Drive to vodcasthub@gmail.com

Can we upload youtube videos in Vodcast hub

Yes, send us the youtube video link to support@vodcasthub.com after you purchase. If you need editing please email us for a custom offer. 

How many attendees can attend my Vodcast?

Are you ready for this?  One word: UNLIMITED

Does Vodcast Hub Support any other language?

Vodcast Hub does support other languages. Just send us an email after you purchase to support@vodcasthub.com and let us know ahead of time and will take care of the technical needs for you. Remember this i Done with U!

Does Vodcast Hub support e-commerce platforms for my Vodcast?

Vodcast Hub does support e-commerce in your Vodcast. So if you want a buy now link to pop up at a specific time stamp we can make that happen for you.

How do payments work for Vodcast HUB?

Our payment platform accepts all forms of credit cards. Your monthly plan is month to month. We do require a 30 day cancelation notice. Simply send an email to support@vodcasthub.com with a note to stop your service with Vodcast HUB.

Our Founders Pricing is for a limited time. Only $99 per month or $799 per year for unlimited webinars DYI.

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