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"Vodcasthub is great for teachers,.I use other video tools but they don't offer the flexibility and all-in-one usefulness of vodcasthub."
--- Stephen Walt
"One of the best decisions I made this year was to start using vodcasthub for my video marketing needs."
--- Mulyadi Subali
"vodcasthub is nicely polished and have all of the features that I could ever want in a video hosting service."
--- Puneet T.


Upload multiple videos and audios in a single click, just drag n' drop your way to gigabytes of content to the cloud in minutes.

And if you want to get your message across much quicker then turn on our snap software and record a video.

The video platform

doing the most

Customize your video player skin to match the your brand colors & display your branding logo vibrantly on your videos
Create playlist of shows, series or videos in the same topic and engage your audience even better
Collect leads & bookings into your video, redirect viewers, display buy buttons and banners all in few clicks
Make it easier for your audience consume your content and navigate your video using video chapters

In 1-click generate 99% accurate subtitles for your videos and translate your video to 31 other languages using our AI

Whether you need to auto-play, loop or turn off sharing on your videos, there’s a control for everything.

Our video player is adaptive & plays on every website it’s embedded on and on all devices (smart tv, pc, mobile, tablet)
Every video is encoded using per-title technology and delivered using adaptive technology to eliminate buffering
All videos are delivered to your viewers via our high speed delivery network with over 70Tbps+.
You can use images, gif or actual video reels as thumbnails, just 1-click to choose what you want or upload yours
See detailed performance on each video, use heatmaps to see how engaged the viewers are and where they dropped off.

Our player is lightweight and loads in milliseconds plus we use pre-load technology to get videos playing instantly.

Install Facebook ad & Google ad pixels in your videos and track the ROI each video has generated for your business.
Are you a HD freak? 1-click turn on and we’ll play your videos in highest resolutions only, 1080p, 2K or 4K.

Drip feed your videos, set dates in future when the video will begin playing or stop playing and get more engagement.

Build your own channels and content libraries

Create your own mini-tv show with Vodcasthub channels, a dedicated page for your audience and fans to binge on all your content.

You can use it for your video series, on-demand webinars, vlogs & podcasts, employee onboarding, product videos, customer knowledgebase etc.

Fully branded

You can trust your channel will be fully on-brand with your domain name, display photos and logos

Enable gifting

Collect gifts and donations on your channel using your preferred platform (Paypal, Patreon, Ko-Fi, BuyMeACoffee etc.)

Build subscribers

Collect subscribers in your channels and build an army of people ready to watch your videos the moment they go live.

Power selling tools

Inside your channels access to card-based tool you can use to drive awareness to your products, brands and merchandise


SEO optimized

Your channel are search engine optimized for free organic traffic so more eyeballs on your videos.

Full content control

You decide which of your videos or playlists are published to your channel, what is featured on homepage and everything else.

We secure your
premium content

Anti-Piracy DRM Encryption

Get HBO & Netflix level protection on your videos. This Hollywood studio-approved encryption technology makes it impossible for your viewers to illegally download, share or pirate your premium content regardless of the browser add-on or video downloader software they’re using.

Dynamic Watermarking

In 1-click, dynamically watermark your videos with personalized session-data of the viewer and deter the viewer from attempting to screen record & distribute the content. Every watermark is personalized & 100% unique to the viewer making them very effective.

Video Privacy Tools

We provide you with many tools to keep your videos away from prying eyes including password protection, domain whitelisting, and private link only access.

Regional Whitelisting

If you create region-based content such as sports, movies or exclusive documentaries licensed for streaming in specific countries, this will feature will allow you to whitelist countries where your videos can be streamed.

Video Email Embeds

A/B Video Split Testing

M3U8 & MP4 Direct Links

Video Landing Pages

Multi-Users & Collaboration

1-Click Advanced Video SEO

Native API + Zapier integrations

Chromecast & AirPlay

Resume Play, Sticky Player & Pause on Scroll

All the tools you need to make impact with your videos in one place


Unlimited Streaming

Focus on getting more traffic & views instead of worrying about how much overage fees you'll be hit with this month.

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