Private and White Label

Launch Your Own Branded Video Marketing Software:

  • Are you looking to increase your monthly recurring revenue?
Do you want to expand your current service offering?

  • Are you looking for a video platform that you can provide to your clients?

  • Do you want a total marketing solution you can white label?
Open a new stream of income and revenue and provide an incredible experience for your customers.

Give Your Customers The Video Marketing Tools They Need To Grow.

Increase your monthly recurring revenue with our world class video marketing platform that provides a full suite of video marketing tools – right at your fingertips. Whether you want to provide managed services bundled with your current services or offer your own branded video platform as a DIY service, we have you covered.

Our White Label Support Includes:


From sample videos, emails, blog posts and assets, we provide assets you need.

Quick Setup

We walk you through the entire setup and training so you hit the ground running.

Tech Support

We’re here to ensure your success and support you every step of the way.

Fully Branded

Your platform will be completely branded with your logo and domain.

Two Options Customized For You

White Label Program

Are you looking to add our video marketing services to your offering and make new monthly recurring revenue? The VodCast HUB white label program gives you a fully branded video marketing software product with all 5 tools. Help your customers connect with users via brand videos, video email, by creating story videos and capturing video testimonials. We will provide the technology, training, resources and support to help make you successful.

In-House Private Label

Want to use VodCast HUB’s video platform internally with your sales or marketing team? Our Private label is perfect for a Franchise. The Private Label allows you to have your own branded video marketing solution. You will have the ability to set up accounts for your internal teams and share it among your employees, contractors, franchisors and clients. If this sounds like a solution to your needs, book a time to speak with us today to discuss the details.

Who’s a Good Fit For Our White Label Program?

Our White Label Program is perfect for Video Production Companies, Marketing Agencies, Business Coaches, Web & Software Development Companies, Networking Organizations, Chambers of Commerce and Companies who want an income Producing White Label Video Marketing Platform.

FAQs About Our Video Software

What is a private label reseller for VodCast HUB?

A private label means you only want users on your platform that are either a part of your internal team or internal clients. This is a perfect offering for businesses or franchises that just want their branding everywhere, have management tools ( for Sales Teams with Sales Leaders over salespeople) Or this can be perfect for digital marketing agencies or ad agencies that just want to grant access to their existing client base.

How does billing work?

We bill on the 1st of the month for the month prior. For example, on February 1st you will get the invoice for January. That invoice will include your monthly license fee if you sold any video credits and your +Plus user fee. Then we will bill your card on file on the 3rd of the month.

What is the cost?

If you feel that this could be a solution for you and everything is lining up, the next step is to book a personalized, 1-on-1 meeting with one of our certified white label partners. These partners are not only experts on the platform they also use it day-to-day. They not only can show you how to earn your investment back ASAP, but they will also give you a custom cost based on what you are looking for and make much more sense once explained.

How does a white label work?

A white label means you have the entire VodCast HUB platform with only your brand, name, URL, and it’s 100% yours. We handle all the hosting and infrastructure and you have a turn-key, instant video marketing business.

Are all the video tools truly unlimited?

Yes, all videos are truly unlimited! The only “minor-limit” is the number of video testimonials 1 user can get in a day and that is 35 video testimonials. No one has ever come close to that in a single day.

If I’m a white label, can I sell just individual videos?

Yes, you will have the ability to create 1 off videos via our video credit system or offer them what we call +Plus which is all 5 video tools unlimited. The pay-per-video credit system gives your clients access to only the video testimonial tools and branded video tool, once they get a video they like, they can purchase that video with a video credit that you set the price on.

Can I hide the selling individual video option and only offer unlimited?

Yes, you absolutely can do that and only offer the +Plus plan which is all 5 video tools unlimited.

Can I grant access to my clients to get charged for my video platform and our already existing services?

Yes, you can. Once you have a client that wants video services, simply give them a user name and a temporary password, hit save to create that user, then hit Grant +Plus Access.

Can my client use my video platform DIY or can I also sell a Done-4-U style service?

Yes, you can. Our back end management was built with that in mind so you can sell both a DIY and create recurring passive revenue and a Done-4-U service you can charge your clients a premium to have.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No, there are no long-term contracts. We are a month-to-month platform. We are constantly working hard to earn your business month in and month out. However, if for some reason you do need to cancel, all we ask is for 30 days notice to wrap up your video platform.
VodCast HUB is the simplest way to curate content that will capture the attention of your targeted audience.

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