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Save Time and Money with Vodcast Hub

HR Managers and Business owners spend hours training employees and invest thousands of dollars onboarding new employees. I have personally witnessed owners taking a half a day or full day to do this. Plus the stress of putting together the training to make sure you cover everything. In this blog we will talk about a valuable tip to help you save time and systemize your training and onboarding.


The Use of Video To Onboard and Train Employees

Large Corporations such as car dealers and fast food chains such as Chick-fil-a and Toyota have been using video for years to onboard employees properly. No doubt it is very expensive to put these videos together and host the videos. Having videos to onboard and train employees allows you to save time and money. You can focus more time on the main operation of your business and acquiring new customers.


Focusing on Productive Activities

Every business owner or entrepreneur has 24 hours in a day.  Running a business as an entrepreneur is about making the right choices each day. The major challenge in front of our eyes is time management. We know what we should be doing each day to drive more revenue and sales for our business, however administration duties get in the way most of the time. Our day gets crowded with activity after activity that does not add to the bottom line. You tell yourself that it will eventually pay off while feeling guilty of neglecting more important tasks that will produce more income and sales for your business.. You are the leader and you want other employees to follow your vision. They need to be trained by you, however you need to focus on new business at the same time. You feel like you are juggling too many tennis balls and not getting anywhere. You may even begin to blame others and claim in your heart that they are wasting your time. We propose a different approach that will help you focus on productive income producing activities. Bottom line: we suggest you systemize a high percentage of your onboarding and training to allow you to focus on the more productive activities to grow your company and stabilize the cash flow. After all, without cashflow and profit your company does not survive. 


Take Your Time Back

Having webinars and vodcasts is a great way to begin the process of taking back your precious time.  Good news: it is now very possible and affordable to accomplish this task. There is no need for expensive production crews or high powered cameras to make this happen. The only tools you need are your laptop, a webcam and your powerpoint presentation. You can set up times for your onboarding and training and track the participation and interaction of your new hires. You can have them click on documents, print them and even sign the document for accountability. If they only watch a part of your training you will know. If they ignore the scheduled training and do not tube in you will know. With VodCast Hub you can run your webinar as many times as you desire. However you need not be present. We automate this for you at predetermined times during the week or month. The features are very interactive and include polls, surveys, handouts and much more. Reach out to VodCast Hub for a free consultation to help you put together your training. It’s time to get your time back. We guarantee you will be glad you found us. 

Visit www.VodCastHUB.com to book your appointment with us and start systemizing your training and onboarding. Take control of every minute of the day.  

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