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The Common Script: Friday has come and you have not had any videos done or produced for your brand. Everything else gets in the way of you producing and recording the videos you know you should be doing for your company and brand. No worries you did not know about us.

The Two Most Important Videos Your Business Should Be Doing Each Week:

1. Pro Tips Videos

2. Video Testimonials

Completing both videos with our Virtual Experts by your side is simple.

  • First , we will set up and optimize your YouTube Channel for SEO
  • Second, we will provide 4 Pro Tip Video Topics each month that are in demand.
  • Thrid, you record the Pro Tips Videos with the Keywords and Topics given to you.
  • Fourth, you provide us with up to 10 of your happy customers each month (phone and email) .
  • Fifth, we gather the Video Testimonials for you. Like a news reporter.
  • Sixth, we optimize all of your videos to get them ranking in Google and YouTube for search terms relative to your audience.
  • Seventh, we set up playlists and cutomize your YouTube Channel to be ranked in search engines. Our mission: Amplify Your Voice.
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