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Streamline the Process of Network Marketing Education

When you bring on new representatives to your team for network marketing, it’s likely you spend a lot of time with your people bringing them into the system, taking a lot of calls about products and tools, when the marketing events are being held, and more.  Answering those calls and making sure your team is prepared to meet the market is a huge investment of your time. You spend hours every day answering the same questions over and over. 

When you are onboarding people to the team, they need a lot of support concerning so many things:  Customer service, as well as product or service features, and the details of how to enroll customers. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to point them somewhere that they could get the answers to their questions quickly and easily?  Video content that answers those questions is a great way to make information accessible and take the focus of your time to things that require your direct attention. 

You can share so much with your team using video, and the advantages are many.

For example, it offers video replay if the information needs to be reviewed, or if the first time the person saw it they didn’t get all their questions answered…in this case, a replay takes care of it and increases the confidence of the team member. They have the information, and they didn’t need to make another call.  And you didn’t have to answer it.

Standardized information for the team means that everybody understands exactly what the team needs to do.

This will increase the speed of team building, and it will serve as a special tool for their group to use.  When the team member enrolls a new person, they have a way to train that person in advance of the larger team-building meetings.

What if you have multiple/complicated products?

If your company has a lot of products or if they are complicated it’s time to offer as much information as possible.  Again, that’s a lot of time and energy invested in getting people to understand how the products are used, and what is the best product for the customer.  You can’t just send the customer to the website.  The customer needs guidance, and your team needs to provide that guidance.  That’s what great customer service is all about.  When you give your customer that experience, it brings with it customer loyalty.

It starts with educating your team.  Once the team understands what the product or service is and how to present it to the customer, life gets easier for the team, and for you.  The team learns to understand the product line and be able to make the correct recommendations for the customer.  The team can make the presentation with confidence, and the customer knows the support is there to answer the questions that come up, so they have the best experience.


Automation and Streamlining

You know the information that is needed, and you’ve gone over it so many times you may even see and hear the presentation in your sleep.  What if it could be as simple as having it presented for you as you sleep?  With automated Vodcasts with VodCast Hub, you can give your team the education they need, and cut down on those hundreds of phone calls, focusing only on the questions that your team has which are related to customer service. A Vodcast is a webinar + podcast x Automation. The perfect way to systemize your training and onboarding for your team.

When you streamline the information flow process, you can grow your business far more efficiently and the time and energy saved will go right to your bottom line. 

 We can help you with setting up your training Vodcast with Vodcast Hub for your team to keep people motivated and make sure they are getting all the vital information to grow a successful marketing effort.  Contact us today and let’s get started with freeing up time and resources to increase your profits.

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