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Video Testimonials

The Easiest Way to Collect Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are your secret ammunition for your video marketing and social proof. There is nothing more powerful than hearing authentic and happy customers – in their own words – share their experience about your company.

Build Trust with Video Testimonials

Customer testimonial videos are one of the best methods of establishing trust quickly. Engage your prospects and drive more sales.

Video testimonials are one of the most powerful persuasion tools in marketing.

Seeing, hearing, and feeling your happy customers share their authentic experiences and leveraging those videos on your website and social media is one of the best ways to increase your volume and make more noise than your competition. Video testimonials will also build your reputation and close more business. We help companies use video marketing without expensive or complicated software – and produce professional videos from any device.

Collect Video Testimonials With Ease

With a few simple clicks on a computer or a swipe on their phone, your customers can record video testimonials from any device for your company. Collect stories of raving fans.

Video Testimonials

Let your customers do the talking – on video. Video testimonials drive consumer buying decisions much like a referral from a close friend.
Text testimonials are becoming more and more muted to the consumer’s ears and eyes. With fake reviews on the rise and with the ability to buy them, trust factors are diminishing. If you are stuck on only using text testimonials on your website, you’re missing out. The power of seeing a natural person share their authentic experience in a video testimonial can set you far apart from your competition. 
Customer testimonial videos allow your clients to talk about the problem they faced and how your business provided a real solution. The VodCast Hub Video platform offers a library of great questions to ask, or you can even write your own.
Video testimonial videos are your secret marketing ammunition tool. They check all the boxes you need for excellent marketing: they tell a story, make an emotional connection, show the benefits of your product or service, and answer potential customers’ questions.

Video Testimonial Software Features

Direct YouTube Integration
Upload videos directly from your dashboard.
Custom Video Opener / Animated Logo
Customize your videos with animated openers.
Custom Call-to-Action Graphics
Add a customized CTA graphic at the end of videos.
Manage Videos from Dashboard
Track the progress of videos from the dashboard
Add Music to Videos
Choose your favorite music from our library.
Record or Upload from Any Device
Create professional-looking videos from any device.
Add On-Screen Instructions
Use pre-built suggestions or create your prompts.
Record and Re-Record till It’s Right!
Record, preview and re-record any video until it’s perfect.
Download Video in MP4 or Raw
Download the final video in MP4 or Raw.
Redirect Users after Testimonials
Automatically redirect users to any page (Thank you, Coupon, etc.)

FAQ’s About VodCast HUB’s Video Testimonial Software We know you have questions. We’ve got answers.

What is a video testimonial?

In short, a video testimonial is a video of a customer or client praising a company. In most cases, they talk about how that company’s product or service has helped them solve a problem. They might discuss who they are, how to use the product or service, and what they like about the company.

How do people leave video testimonials?

There are two ways users can leave video testimonials: You can email a request with instructions directly from the VodCast HUB platform Send users a link to your dedicated testimonial capture URL.

How long can the videos be?

Customers can upload videos in 50 seconds – or less. The VodCast HUB Video platform counts down the screen, so users know how much time they have remaining.

Where can I use my video testimonials?

Video testimonials are a great way to share how your product or service helps other people or companies. You can post testimonial videos on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms – including your blog and website. Often dedicated testimonial pages are created on clients’ websites.

What makes a great video testimonial?

Great video testimonials are real, not scripted. It’s real people sharing their real experiences about you and your company. Great videos are: Authentic, with personal details Natural responses (Not scripts!) Not overly promotional (It’s about your customer!) Clear problem/solution narrative Customers with confidence
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