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We Make Video Marketing Easy & Affordable
As Simple as Using a TV Remote Control
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Add Videos to Your Website, Presentations, YouTube and Social Media Platforms
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Eliminate the Expensive or Complicated Software. Simply Click, Record and Submit.
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Producing Professional Marketing Videos From Any Device is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on your video marketing. 

Our Suite of Tools are Only $49/ MTH

We offer 5 unique video tools that are simple as using a TV remote control.  

Below you will find the five services/tools within Our Video Toolkit Platform 

Collect Unlimited Video Testimonials using our technology and much more.

Unlimited Video Email Tool

Unlimited Messenging Tool

Collect Video Testimonials / Feedback

Unlimited Brand Videos

Create Unlimited Story Videos

01. Capture Video Testimonials

With a few simple clicks your customers can record video testimonials from any device.

Video testimonials are the platinum standard of video marketing. They build trust and credibility fast by letting your happy customers share their experiences.  With our easy-to-use video testimonial software you can gather customer testimonials, add custom animated logos, music, and custom calls-to-action to your videos.

02. Produce Branded Videos

Amplify your voice and your brand with pro tips and design your full video knowledge base answering unlimited FAQ’s. 

Whether you need to produce videos to explain your products or services, share pro tips, or introduce your star team members, Vodcast HUB makes this process simple

03. Capture Story Videos

We take 3 video clips that you or someone else can record and weld them together to make amazing story videos.

Perfect to produce amazing case studies from your happy customers or 3 commonly asked questions your customers have. Our favorite is getting to know staff memebers videos that can replace the static picture on a website.

04. Send Direct Video Messages 

Send Video Messages that will captivate your audience. Via SMS, Linkedin/ Facebook Messaging, or Your own Email Client or CRM

The first few seconds of your video generates a GIF that will capture the attention of your audience quickly. Perfect for follow up after networking, sending a follow up message after a sales meeting or reminding a custoner or employee about a meeting or billing reminder. 

05. Send Video Emails 

Send Video Emails that will cut through the cluttered inbox. Optimize the efficacy of your email with VodCast HUB’s Software.

Did you know that video in email can increase open and click-through rates? That is why VodCast HUB allows you to simply recored videos from your phone, laptop or tablet to send as an email. The word “video” in an email subject line can increase open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%
VodCast HUB Best Practices

Let’s Talk – Book Time For a Demo 

Book time with us to get a full demo of VodCast HUB’s Video Software.


At this point many of our customers see value in our 5 tools for video marketing. We see them take different paths. Some buy right away, some take a free 14 day free trial, some choose a private label option for their company or franchise and some choose to go the route of our white label.

Start Your 14 Day Free Trial Now  ( No Credit Card Needed)


Learn About Our Private Label Option 

Would you like to use VodCast HUB’s cloud-based video software internally and call our Software your own? Set up accounts for your entire team, and share it among your employees, contractors, or clients. If this sound perfect for your company the private label platform may be the perfect solution for you.

 White Label Our Video Software ( All 5 Tools)

Scale your Brand with Our Premium Video Software Services.
Call it your own Software and Increase Your Revenue and add New Pipelines.

VodCast HUB Video Toolkit
Capture & Produce

Consume the full functioning power of our patent pending automated video testimonial capture process and production.

Automate the Process

To give your clients quick, cost effective and authentically produced branded video content for their YouTube Channel

Attract New Clients

Use your new white label as an entry-level service to attract new clients to purchase additional services from your marketing agency.

Generate Leads

Our Tools act as a lead generator by turning your individual users into full service accounts.

Charge More Money

Upcharge your existing clients to manage their video testimonial campaign for them.

Unlock Recurring Revenue

Unlock new recurring revenue streams to offer your digital marketing clients.

VodCast HUB Video Toolkit
Brand Yourself

Your logo, your color scheme, no VodCastHUB branding anywhere.

Quality Service

High quality video without the time + cost of hiring a video production company.

Scale Your Business

Scale your video service offering much more quickly vs. hiring an outside video company or utilizing an in-house person.

A Few Happy Customers

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What clients think of us.

Pruvit Brand Ambassador

I use VodCast Hub to feature the experts daily. It make it simple for me to point potential customers to the Vodcast to learn more from Doctors. I love it. It saves me a lot of time prospecting . I simply send the link to someone wanting more information. Thank you guys for putting this awesome tool together.

Adwings360 Founder

We use VodCast Hub to educate our clients. We have a service that needs explanation so this helps us generate new prospects to talk to. We love it

    VodCast HUB is the simplest way to curate content that will capture the attention of your targeted audience.

    Franklin, TN 37067