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Video Toolkit

Our Video Toolkit is a game changer for companies and entrepreneurs looking to produce and capture videos from mobile devices (Apple-Android) or any webcam. The 5 tools are simple to use with a few clicks, much like a TV remote control. Videos are finished and polished within a few minutes. (Record and Click)

Below are a few videos that were made with our cloud based application. 


Video Testimonials and feedback have never been so simple. You are provided a weblink to collect videos once you are a customer. This link is provided within 2 minutes of account set up. Collect real social proof fast from any device. This tool can be used in many ways. We have clients that have tablets on counter tops to capture testimonials after a customer received great service at a retail store. You can also text the link to clients after you render service as well as email them a request. After they record you can push them to any URL afterwards such as your Google Review page or thank you page with a coupon to come back to your store. 


The Brand Video Tool is our most popular tool as it allows you to produce videos fast on a variety of topics. This is your voice and the tool to share your knowledge. The list of videos you and your staff can do are unlimited. From FAQ Videos, Product Explantion Videos, PSA Videos, Pro Tip Videos, Motivational Videos and the list goes on. Your imagination is endless on what you can do with this tool. Create unlimited videos for your brand with just a few clicks. 


The Messaging Video Tool is used everyday by many of our clients. Every sales person on the planet needs this tool. It allow you to seperate yourself from the croud. You can record a video message like we do with a whiteboard and send the video message via SMS, Linkedin Message, Facebook Message or embed in your email. The most powerful part of this is the short GIF that populates automatically to capture attention. A very powerful tool that will have people complimenting you for your high tech follow up. Create unlimited messaging videos for your brand superfast. Add fuel to the fire with this Tech Follow Up tool. Amplify Your Voice today.


The Video Email Tool will blast past the 100’s of emails received everyday. Stand out from the crowded inboxes with a GIF that populates automatically to capture attention right in the email. Get notified of video emails watched and include a call to action URL below the video email. Many of our clients use their calendar link or link to another video such as a demo of your product or service.  Some clients use this tool to follow up with customers after they purchased. You can even send a thank you email of tips on maintaing the product they bought. Our video email system within our cloud based application can be used to send a group email to groups of 50. You can set up several groups upto a total of 1,500 contacts in our cloud based application. This is used by our clients to send group emails for sales training, daily updates on projects as well as client updates. The possibilities are endless. 


The Video Story tool is a secret weapon for your company. Our system is set up for 3 scenes with 3 questions that you can customize. You can email the story video request to yourself, a staff member or a customer. Story videos can replace the boring picture of your staff on your website. Story videos can make great case studies for your happy customers. Story videos can allow your web visitors to stay longer on your website, learning about you, your staff, your values and your happy customers. The big takeaway here is about the money you will save in production costs to produce these videos. Imagine the HR Manager along with the VP of Marketing coming together and crafting 3 questions they want every member of the staff to answer on a Story Video. In less than 24 hours you can have hundreds of videos produced and ready. 

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